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May 11, 2012 by Neil Banfield
We are interested in hearing what your top three features of WindowFX 5 are and why. Are you an animation fan, a right click menu fan, or something else?
September 21, 2010 by Neil Banfield
The WindowBlinds 7.19 beta introduces per skin colouring settings. Basically this means each skin can add its own custom colours to the colours tab rather than having to have multiple recoloured presets for each substyle that the skin has. Skin authors can create each colour preset by using the usual preset saving options in the WindowBlinds UI and then find the .WB07 file and make a copy of it and change the extension to .WBC7 Once done the colours tab should show those custom colours ...
January 14, 2010 by Neil Banfield
This is just a quick note to let Deskscapes 3 owners know that the beta of Deskscapes 3.1 (3.09 BETA) is now on Impulse. It adds in a couple of new effects (Black & White, Edge enhance, Canvas texture and Paper texture), a random dream option, subfolder support, folder based list filtering, icon transparency settings (advanced tab in settings) and a new feature for users with multiple monitor setups who have Windows Vista or 7 (not XP) thats worth trying out.
August 26, 2006 by Neil Banfield
The latest build of WindowBlinds will find any wallpapers you include in your skins and automatically list then on the Wallpapers page in wbconfig. This means that you can now include any number of jpg wallpapers in your WB skin directory and the user has a way to apply them.  WB will also perform high quality resizing on any wallpapers too large, so I would suggest the highest resolution wallpaper possible is included as that way all users should get a high quality wallpaper.&n...